The Declaration of Independence Plaque

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Welcome to our 4th of July Special Offer!

25% of the proceeds will be donated to Love Inspiring Life, a 501(3)(c) in order to lead the charge in combatting child sexual exploitation and trafficking. 

Whether or not you purchase a plaque, we encourage you to visit the charity website and donate to a cause we wholeheartedly support. EVERY contribution makes a difference!

The Declaration of Independence Plaque is only here while LIMITED supplies last!


Each one is unique in their size and natural finish. We used a variety of woods—including maple (pictured), ash, and poplar—and left a live edge to showcase a natural rustic look. The Declaration of Independence has been laser engraved into the slabs. Each item is unique in its color, shape, and size. Don't miss out on this LIMITED item!

Sizing range:

  • Length ranges from 24" - 26"
  • Width ranges from 18" - 20" 
  • Thickness ranges from 2" - 3"