About Us

   At Subsecond, we believe that the truest innovation arises when existing products fail to meet the evolving standards of the industry. It was this realization that inspired a Green Beret to take matters into his own hands and embark on a mission to create a revolutionary tactical belt. Established in 2018, Subsecond emerged with a clear purpose: to design and manufacture customized tactical belts that cater to the exacting requirements of military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and competitive shooters.

By assembling a team of seasoned design engineers and industry experts, Subsecond has honed its expertise in crafting flexible yet rigid tactical belts, along with a range of other exceptional tactical equipment. Our relentless commitment to superior design and unparalleled usability ensures that our products excel in all applications. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our ability to fully customize our high-performance equipment, allowing us to tailor solutions to meet your specific needs or address any scenario. Should you require customization or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

As a family-owned and operated business, Subsecond places utmost importance on sourcing only the finest materials and handcrafting all our products to the highest standards. Every piece of equipment undergoes meticulous measurement, cutting, and sewing processes right here in the USA. This approach guarantees that you receive top-quality gear that surpasses your expectations in terms of both durability and performance.

At Subsecond, we strive to deliver excellence in tactical gear manufacturing, empowering professionals and enthusiasts alike with the tools they need to conquer any challenge. Join us on this journey and experience the pinnacle of innovation, precision, and reliability in the field.