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Have you been wanting to buy a Subsecond belt but can't justify it because you already have a tactical belt that works? Here is your chance to turn in that old belt in exchange get 20% off your total order. 

The Belt Exchange Program allows you to earn 20% off your total order after you send us your old gun belt. Follow the steps below to earn your 20% off!

Step 1. Add "The Belt Exchange Program" to your cart that you want to earn 20% off. 

Step 2. Wait for your order. Normal lead time ranges from 4-5 weeks. 

Step 3. Once you receive your order put the old belt into the white mailer bag and send it back. 20% off will not be process till the belt is in our possession. 

Step 4. Once we receive and process the belt you will see the 20% be reimburse on your card that you made the order with.