Match 1.5 (Size 44)

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Size: 44

Color: Black

Match 1.5 with Cobra D ring buckle, HK hook and Sharpie Loop.

 This never before used prebuilt belt was created for display and modeling purposes. All belts are held to the same building standards as the custom made belts. Please ensure the size listed will fit your waist size. Belts will ship in 1 business days. 


How to Choose Sizing

When selecting a belt size, start by choosing your waist size. Since our sizes are only even numbers, please select the next size down, if your waist size is an odd number. For example, i fyour waist size is 33", choose 32" from the belt size selections.

If you are unsure of your waist size, measure it by using a flexible measuing tape and follow these steps:

1. Wear thin clothing. Hold the tape meansure between the top of your hipbone and bottom of your ribs.

2. Breathe out normally and bring the tape measure around your waist.

3. Record your mreasurement.

4. Choose your belt size and please note that if your waist size meansured as an odd number, (e.g. 33") select the next size down (e.g.32").

*SubSecond belts are sold in 2" increments, which allows for the maxmiumization of MOLLE patterns available. This is why you'll only ever see even belt sizes listed. Please be sure to select the next size down, if your waist size is an odd number.